The rental fee for the Cabin is $150 per night. We require a 2 night minimum plus a $90 non-refundable cleaning deposit.

We belong to a service that prepares the Cabin for your arrival during the Winter months. They do things like turn on the water to the house and turn on the heaters. They will do this the day before you are scheduled to arrive and comeback to turn everything off the day after you leave. We also have a service that cleans the snow off of the driveway every morning. They will only do this if the snow is more than 6 inches deep. They will only do this if there are no vehicles parked in the driveway. 

During your stay, you may use items in the garage such as sleds, snow toys, rafts, etc.. There is a large selection of DVD's you can use a well. You may also use Firewood that is stored in the Garage and on the Front Deck. Please make sure that any items used are returned in the same condition they were in when you first used them.

Please note: You can bring your own linens and towels if you want. Items such as clothing, toiletries, food and beverages, that are kept in the rooms, closets, pantry, dresser drawers, bathroom drawers, showers and refrigerators, are our personal property. Please do not use any of these items.

Once you are ready to leave, you will need to place the trash in the garbage bin in the front yard, place dirty linens and towels in the basket in the laundry room, turn all heaters off, turn the living room heater to 65 degrees, and lockup. An instruction sheet is located on the kitchen counter.

Please note: In the Winter months you should expect a lot snow. This means that you should make sure that you either drive a 4x4, or carry chains. Take a look at the Photo Album to see some pictures of what the snow at the Cabin looks like.

You can call us at 408-568-6527 to check for availability. You can also scan the QR or you can fill out the form below.


If you would like rent our cabin, you can scan this image on the screen using your smart phone, QR Scanner APP, and it will text me instantly or you can fill out the form below.







Once this form is received, we will call you within 24 hours to let you know if the Cabin is available.